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The final SUSTAIN-ECOSOM's meeting was a real success. Videos online !

"The final SUSTAIN-ECOSOM's meeting was a real success. It took place at Paris the 12th of december 2014, and welcame more than 80 persons. It was adressed to stakeholders and in fact, the public came for large horizons : policy-makers, farmers, technicians, farmer advisors, scientists, students. The eleven presentations, dealing on the impact of organic management or reduced tillage systems on ecosystem services, were followed by interesting exchanges between the speakers and the public. We invite you to watch, below, the videos of the presentations and discussions. Enjoy !" (in french only)
Guénola Pérès and Mirjam Pulleman (SUSTAIN coordinators)
Sabine Houot and Laure Vieule (ECOSOM coordinators)

Save the date: On december 12th 2014, in Paris: "Management of organic matters and of tillage systems: practices improving the ecosystemic services rendered by soils?"

The sustainable management of soils is one of the big current stakes in a perspective of protection of a more and more monopolized and degraded resource. The contributions of organic matter and the reduction of soil tillage are a part of agricultural practices which can potentially improve the ecosystemic services returned by soils, such as the preservation of a functional biodiversity, the regulation of the climate and the water, the agricultural production, etc. The understanding of the biological, chemical and physical mechanisms linking these agricultural practices to the ecosystemic services was the object of the two research projects ECOSOM and SUSTAIN within the framework of the European program SNOWMAN. The transfer of these results to the agricultural world, stemming from Long Term Experiment fields and from farm networks, through the definition of measurable indicators, socioeconomic studies and training workshops, was an integral part of these projects.

Download the program of the seminar (in french).

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