Tools worksheets were created by project partners in charge of indicators.
They provide a range of scientific and technical details aimed at facilitating the implementation of bioindicators.

You can download them below in PDF format.

Faunal bioindicators
Soil microarthropods
Gene expression of metallothionein among earthworms

Floral bioindicators
Omega 3 Index
Plant communities
Functioning of photosynthetic systems

Microbiological bioindicators
Enzymatic activities
Oxitop respirometric
Molecular tools
Soil microbial molecular biomass
Molecular fingerprint of soil microbial communities
Microbial Taxonomic Diversity (pyrosequencing)
Potential metabolic diversity
Fungal molecular biomass estimated by quantifying ergosterol
Fungal microbial biomass by quantification of rDNA18S

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