On October 16 & 17, 2012, the Maison de la Chimie, in Paris, hosted the ADEME National Technical Days (link in french), on:
"Bioindicators and phytotechnologies, biological tools for sustainable soils".

The first day was devoted to the BIOindicateurs II program.

The goal was to present results and knowledge acquired in the course of the research program and to share feedback with various industrial, agricultural, urban and forest stakeholders in charge of the sustainable management of soils.

Below you can download different documents from the Technical days, in PDF format (in french version only).

Compilation of interventions (link)
Communication: The ADEME “Bioindicators of the biological state of soils” research program: Its goals, its implementation and its development (link)
Communication: What bioindicators for the sustainable management of agricultural and forest soils? (link)
Communication: What bioindicators, for what needs, on contaminated sites? (link)
Compilation of the round table: Bioindicators, what appropriation? What use? (link)

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