Depending on issues covered by ADEME (ex: waste disposal, contaminated sites, atmospheric fallout, organic matter management, diffuse pollution of soils induced by agricultural practice), 13 workshop sites have been selected.

They are classified into 3 main categories:

Natural habitats     Agricultural sites     Contaminated sites

In each of these sites, several sampling areas have been selected, defining different situations in terms of soil use or contamination.
They are called modalities. In total, 47 modalities have been defined.

The whole of these modalities have been sampled for each of the bioindicators studied in the course of the Bioindicateurs II program.
The different stages of site sampling are detailed in the sampling protocols section.
You will find below an interactive map to locate the workshop sites and access additional information by clicking on the markings.

Note: The sites’ geographic coordinates are given for informational purposes only and have no actual value. In fact, the exact location of some sites must remain confidential.

Localisation of the BioIndicateurs II program's workshop sites

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